A Unique Custom Look

Custom designer vehicle wraps are taking the country by storm and the impact that a custom matte wrap, textured carbon fiber wrap or a chrome vehicle wrap makes is undeniable! Vehicle wraps by West Coast Custom Wraps give you the opportunity to customize your vehicle for much less than painting and gives you the ability to target specific areas of your vehicle to truly customize and enhance the look of your vehicle body.

To protect your OEM paint job

When wrapping your vehicle WCCWraps applies a thin pressure sensitive film over all of the exposed OEM paint on your vehicle giving it the new custom look. This is essentially the same idea of applying a 3M rock guard or “clear bra” on your vehicle. For the time that the custom vehicle wrap is on your vehicle it will not be exposed to any harmful UV rays, and it will help protect the paint from small rocks, sand or otherwise harmful physical wear your paint would otherwise be exposed to.

Its Removable

A custom vehicle wrap from WCCWraps applied to your vehicle’s OEM paint is totally removable. It is recommended that the media is removed within 5 years of the application and that a trained WCCWraps employee removes the film. However if the customer is so inclined, with some heat and a little elbow grease the owner can remove the wrap themselves.

Double Your Resale Opportunities

Custom matte, textured or chrome wraps are of course geared towards the current owner of the vehicle to showcase a unique look. When it comes time to sell the vehicle you may find that half of the interested buyers like the custom look and others will not, so it puts you in the position of being able to offer a custom wrapped vehicle for sale or, because it’s removable, the option to sell the vehicle with its  OEM paint.